Kids Starting Kindergarten? Read On.

By brandy glick


Preparing your child for kindergarten can create overwhelming anxiety. I know, I have done this three times now. My kids all had different reactions to that first day. My daughter wouldn’t talk…to anyone for several days. My oldest son threw himself at me, pleading I take him with me. It wasn’t pretty. And then there was number 3. Once in his classroom and seated at his desk, he leaned over and said “I think it’s ok if you go now.” You can have a huge impact on how that first day goes for your child.

So, we have compiled a list to help you, your child and the teacher make those first days of Kindergarten a little smoother for everyone:

  • Starting two to three weeks before school begins, adjust your daily routine to fit how the school day is scheduled. Have you child get up earlier, eat lunch a little later and spend some time doing fun projects or activities together that will help them get in a learning mode.
  • There are some great books out there about starting Kindergarten and reading those with your child will help them to know what to expect that first day. Some of those books are Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Will I Have a Friend and Kindergarten Rocks.
  • Spend time helping your child learn to write their name. Do fun activities to help them learn their colors, numbers and letters. Please keep in mind that all children entering kindergarten will be on various levels of skills and knowledge. Don’t stress about where your child is.
  • If you are feeling anxious or sad about your child starting Kindergarten, try to not let on in front of your child. If your child sees you are comfortable, they will be as well.
  • If you have questions for the new teacher, and we all do, that first morning will be crazy. If you need to know general information, try writing your questions down in a note or leave a phone message and ask for a time to discuss your question.
  • School and learning are fun! Don’t sweat the small stuff! Tap into your child’s natural curiosity and excitement about learning and this school year is sure to be a Success!

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