3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

weight1. Drink more water
Aim for half your body weight in ounces each day. It’s amazing how much better you feel and function when you’re properly hydrated.
2. Cut out (or at least down) on junk
Most of us know where our diets are going south. We eat too much packaged junk, desserts, fast food, and cheap beer. Instead of worrying about eating like a caveman or whether or not you’re allergic to gluten, try cutting the junk out of your diet… Chances are you’ll never have to suffer through a diet book again.

3. Eat to fuel recovery (aka eat for what you do)
Instead of eating until you’re stuffed, try eating just enough so you recover from your workout. We’ve gotten used to feeling full as our default state, or goal, which is positively bourgeois. In a survival state, aka a performance state, you’d want to feel light, not full. Get used to feeling light and you’ll push harder during your workouts and you’ll end up eating pretty close to optimally because performance is addictive, too.

– Credit to Steve Edwards

Contributed by Fitness with Carrie

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