Will Rogers Park Has Plenty to ‘Play’ About

Crystal Campbell….SHE DID IT! She lobbied hard and begged and wrote a zillion grants and managed to get $50,000 raised for the Will Rogers Park Project. You know, where the splash pad is.

Last year, she got a new playground installed. And guess what? In about a month and a half, ANOTHER play unit will be ready for use!

If you drive by today, you’ll see this:

will rogers park

That’s the scary, creaky 1973 pavilion being torn down. In its place (hopefully by splash pad opening at Memorial Day) will be a fantastically lovely new pavilion with….RESTROOMS! And WATER FOUNTAINS!


Additionally, the Master Gardeners of Rogers County have been working hard on building a new teaching garden in the park. According to Master Gardener Ann Baker, “With the fence and a plan in place, we’re ready to start working on the infrastructure. We’ll begin by installing electric and water into eight different areas of the garden. From the start, we said that this would be a ‘multi-phase’ project and we’ve decided to start with the raised vegetable beds. Other areas will follow as funds permit. We also hope to have our water feature installed this season. Come visit the Master Gardener booth at the Rogers County Home and Garden Show to see our full color, long-term garden plan.”

Isn’t this wonderful? Our kids have a terrific place to play, folks will be able to use the restroom and not die of thirst, and everyone will be able to enjoy the new teaching garden.

More phases are planned for the park, like the Heroes Memorial and walking trails, but a lot of great things have happened already. Kudos to Crystal and everyone who helped her along the way! (I know she won’t take full credit, but she was definitely the ringleader!)

-MCM Staffer Ashley,

who has taken her son to this park

and he had a blast



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