Have a Whale of a Time at the Claremore Library!


Happy New Year! Let’s start the New Year with some stories about animals! The Will Rogers Library in Claremore has lots of wonderful animal stories. Little Gray’s Great Migration by Marta Lindsay, illustrated by Andrea Gabriel, is the story of one young gray whale. Little Gray enjoys his days in the lagoon with his mother showing off for the people in boats nearby. One day his mother tells him that they must swim south to the special sea filled with food. The story unfolds with adventures and challenges of their great migration. Filled with beautiful pictures and lots of gray whale facts, this book is sure to please any young animal lover. An added bonus is a section in the back of the book with facts and quizzes. Little Gray’s Great Migration can be found in the Early Reader section of the Will Rogers Library.

Valeri Gorbachev’s Big Little Elephant is one of many of Gorbachev’s great books for young readers. Little Elephant has a wonderful life with books, toys and a loving family. But he does not have any friends. Finding friends becomes a bit challenging when he seems too big to play with the smaller animals. But one day Little Elephant finds himself needed to help fly a kite with the other animals. Suddenly his big size is an advantage! His new (small ) friends suddenly find lots of ways they can play together. A sweet book about friendship and accepting others, Big Little Elephant can be found in the Early Reader section of the library.

For older, chapter book readers, Gordon Korman’s Zoobreak is a wild and crazy story. Savannah Drysdale’s monkey, Cleo is missing. Cleo is also the best friend of a certain Doberman named Luthor. Savannah, Luthor and Savannah’s friends begin to look for Cleo and find themselves at a floating zoo. This book leaves us with the question,“ If you break a bunch of animals out of a zoo, where do you put them when they’re out?” Find out the answer by reading Zoobreak by Gordon Korman in the Juvenile section of the Will Rogers Library! Korman is the author of many more scary and fun books which can be found at the library.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading from the Will Rogers Library!

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