Transformation Tuesday: Trav in Training, Week One Complete

travmorning basketballWell, here it is, the truth, not going to sugar coat things (Oh, yum, sugar).
Getting fit is difficult.
I know I’m not alone in this battle and if you don’t think it is a battle you must be naturally skinny. It’s funny how I know the right things to do and sometimes choose to do otherwise. I know eating healthy all day is negated by eating 1500 calories between 8 and 11pm. I know that drinking a two liter of Coke Zero in two days can’t be good for anything. I know sleep is better for me than two more episodes of House of Cards, but these habits are hard to break and how good is House of Cards? I mean, come on, guys.
I’m not the strongest-willed person in the world and sometimes a tray of cookies is impossible to resist. That said, here is what happened this week.
Results thus far: Down 5 pounds. Took a few seconds off my mile time. Didn’t pass out or have to lay down after running sprints.
travdog walkingHere are a few things I’ve done this week for physical activity:
  • 4.6 mile walk with my wifey
  • Ran all the sprints with the kids at lacrosse practice
  • Early morning basketball (Full court 5v5) two mornings
  • cleaned out the garage
  • garage workout with my son (jump ropes, push ups, curls. etc.)
The great part of these “workouts” is they are mostly just fun activities. As I pointed out last week, working out is not the problem. I need to increase my fruits and veggies and remove the fast food fixes. (Did I mention that Braum’s has a new chicken tender dinner, delicious.)
My eating has been better, but not great.
travgarage workoutHere are a few things I should not have eaten:
  • Chips
  • Fast food
  • cookies
  • candy
  • 1 real soda
  • diet soda
Now that I have a semi-routine for boosting my cardio, I now need to get my eating under control. Here we go… week 2! Wish me luck.
-MCM Staffer Travis,
who really loves Diet Dr. Pepper

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