You Don’t Have to be a Pro Landscaper to Buy a Great Mower


If you’re not a professional landscaper, you might be intimidated to go to a lawn equipment store like Turf/Land Equipment. But there’s no reason to be nervous! They don’t just sell the super-fancy zero-turn mowers (although they have those, too!). They also carry blowers, trimmers, and push mowers. They’ve got all the brands you’ve heard of, like Toro, Shindaiwa, Grasshopper, and Echo.

The staff is friendly and helpful and happy to answer any questions! Visit Turf/Land Equipment at 1702 N. J.M. Davis in Claremore and you can save big bucks! Right now you can save up to $1,000 on select models of Toro zero-turn mowers, or get $50 off select Echo backpack blowers. They’ve also got a huge selection of used inventory, as well as competitive pricing and 0% financing.

Stop by Turf/Land Equipment and let’s get rid of those purple flower weeds, shall we?

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