Transformation Tuesday, Travis in Training: Week 6

trav running
I will continue to work on my physique and have promised myself, my wife and my son that I will make sure any medical issues that may arise will not be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. I am responsible for me. (My son did suggest I wear a doggy shock collar to keep me from eating late at night. He also volunteered to operate the shock collar. He is just so hilarious.)
As I stepped on the scale this morning, after losing every single basketball game I played in, my expectations were low. I am only down a pound, but hey better than up right?
I did finally get some running in this past weekend and I think I can manage the 3.1 mile, 12-obstacle Warrior Dash on the 23rd of this month.
It used to be about impressing others, now it is more about health and wellness. Do I want six-pack abs? Sure. Do I want to have 9% body fat? Sure. Do I want to put in the work? Not so sure. Let’s see if I make this short term goal before I go full Zac Efron.
Thanks again for the words of encouragement and the positive vibes. I will have a longer report next week, but for now have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather. (Makes you want to go jump in some mud and climb some walls, am I right?)
-MCM Staffer Travis

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