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palmexterior-minBusinesswoman and entrepreneur Cindy Paul married a long-distance runner and soon discovered that if she ever wanted to run with him, she needed to quit smoking. After looking at all of the alternatives to kicking the habit, she visited a vape shop in Tulsa with the hope that vaping would help her. Unfortunately, she experienced poor customer service and received absolutely no instruction on her purchase. When she returned the next day for some help, she ran into the same situation. She went home to Owasso and told her husband that they should open their own store with a focus on customer service and education. They would help others fighting the addiction and she would own her own business.

Her dream was born as Palm Beach Vapors and she opened her first store in Owasso. Coincidentally, two other vapor store owners realized their dream at the same time and opened the same day. Cindy just looked at it as an opportunity to be the best store by providing exceptional customer service and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Originally from Colorado, Cindy spent several years as a chef and caterer, most recently with Bailey Ranch Golf Club in Owasso. She loved what she did, but the heavy lifting required soon took a toll. She ended up battling spinal fusion issues for years. Palm Beach Vapors became her new passion, and it’s grown tremendously. Palm Beach Vapors is the first e-cigarette store in the nation to become franchised; there are currently 13 franchise locations, and three corporate stores located in Owasso, Claremore, and Broken Arrow.

Always focused on providing her customers a means to improve their health and wellness, Cindy was ready to try something new and expand her product line. While vaping is a viable means for smoking cessation, Cindy knew that the apparatus can also be used as a ‘medical delivery device. Cindy’s husband, Chip, has a science and mathematics background, so he was excited to see what he could create. They now have two CEOs in the family, Cindy head of Palm Beach Vapors, or PBV, and Chip, CEO of GnuPharma Corp (the resident Mr. Wizard).


Customers who are using vaping technology as a method to quit smoking can also take advantage of GnuPharma’s HNR (herbal nicotine replacement)technology; you can vape it and get the rush of nicotine without, well, the nicotine. It contains a molecule called Theobromine which is found in cocoa, which is commonly used in nebulizers for COPD patients. It helps the user to breathe easier and heals the lungs. With the help of VonVape in California, the herbal nicotine has been developed and is currently available in the Owasso, Claremore, and Broken Arrow PBV locations.

With the success of the HNR, Chip began experimenting with more herbal supplements. One popular product is the GnuVape Foundation, which gives energy and suppresses the appetite. Containing turmeric, it also may help with rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. GnuVape Relief may help with PTSD, anxiety, mild pain, and stress. The newest on the product line is Gnu Sleep, which holds a hearty dose of white onion. It may promote healthy sleep, without the groggy, hangover feel in the morning. All of GnuPharma’s products are made with organic ingredients of the highest quality. In fact, several local chiropractors are already carrying the capsules in their offices.

The majorities of the GnuPharma products are available in capsule, liquid, or vapor form. Customers who vape can supplement the capsule or liquid form with vaping to extend the benefits.  The products can be purchased now in any of the three corporate stores. The staff has been trained to educate the customers in the benefits of each of the products, and can help you determine which method is best for you.

Palm Beach Vapors in Claremore is located at 1122 W. Will Rogers. They are on the verge of a remodel, which will include an add-on study area aimed at RSU students. There will be a coffee bar, TV, vending, bike racks, and free Wi-Fi available. As there will be access to the vape store, students must be 18 to enter.

Palm Beach Vapors sells high quality eLiquids and hardware for vaping customers and a methodology for customers wanting to quit smoking. The addition of the GnuPharma product line expands the stores for customers looking for health and wellness products. Customers will find knowledgeable and friendly staff at all locations regardless of what products they are looking for. The chain will soon have a completely new look, name, and mission as PBV Wellness ( and will still include vaping products). Stop by Owasso, Claremore, or Broken Arrow and get the information you need to help ease your common ailments or get great vaping products.   For more information, visit or


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