Popular Claremore Groomer has Moved!

Tails A Wagn’ has a new home! (Here’s what they were up to four years ago.) They used to be located near the turnpike gate, and now they’ve outgrown their space. After nine long months of remodeling, they’ve moved into their new place at 1199 W. Country Club Rd. (next to Kurtain Klimbers). It’s triple the size of the old shop!

Since 2000, owner Mishelle Hancock has been grooming dogs all over the county. Since the move, she’s added three new employees; two are in the grooming apprenticeship program, and one is affectionately known as the ‘water spider’, which means she does whatever she’s told, whether it’s cleaning, errands, or laundry.

Tails A Wagn’ also now offers boarding and doggie daycare! Boarding runs are indoor/outdoor, or can choose the indoor-only option. Daycare is $21 for a full day, and $12 for a half day. Packages are available.

They even offer an Executive Taxi Service! If you don’t have time to drop off your pet, he can get picked up for his spa day.


Tails A Wagn’ is conveniently located and has added loads of new services. A fence is under construction, and pets will soon be able to play outside and run free for playtime.

For more info, follow Tails A Wagn’ on facebook! 

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