Thanksgiving Prep: Turkey FUNdamentals

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How big a turkey should I buy?
You will need about 1 pound per person, or 1 1⁄2 pounds per person if you
have hearty eaters or want ample leftovers.

What kind of turkey should I buy?
There are basically two types of raw birds to choose from – a pre-basted bird
(typical ingredients include vegetable oil, broth, spices) or an unbasted bird to which nothing has been added. Personal preference usually dictates this choice. USDA Grade A is the highest quality grade for poultry and the one commonly found in stores. Grade A poultry has good shape/structure, fat covering and is free of pinfeathers and defects, such as cuts or bruises.

Is a tom better than a hen?
Age, not gender, is the determining factor for tenderness. All turkeys in the market are young, usually 4 to 6 months old. A hen generally weighs less than 16 pounds and a tom is usually over 16 pounds.

Source: Florida Cooperative Extension

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