My Pink Story 

pinkI thought I’d share with you my own “pink story” on how I came to be a Mary Kay Consultant. When I watch a movie or read an article that I connect with, I like to look up the main character’s journey and find out how they got into their line of work. So I figured I’d tell my own story, and I hope you enjoy it.

My mom began her own Mary Kay journey when I was 18 months old. She was a school teacher and wanted to spend more time with my sister and I, and wanted the option of working part time hours but still make an executive income. Growing up, I was surrounded by Mary Kay products and heard the names of consultants who were in the company longer than a hot minute, and I have I vivid memories of putting info labels on products and sorting newsletters to send. But regardless of being immersed into this wonderful pink world, I informed my mom and anyone who asked I would NEVER be in Mary Kay…

Never say never, my friends. I’m living proof. 

I was a tomboy, not afraid to get dirty and enjoyed a passionate soccer career for 10 years and didn’t even have an interest in learning about the ins and outs of cosmetics until I went to college! But the night my roommate asked me to do her makeup for an event, i was exposed to how much FUN dabbling in cosmetics could be. When I mentioned this to my mom, she asked me, “You realize that’s what I do all the time, right? We have fun all day long!” 

That was the first time I’d even considered that Mary Kay was something I could do too, but I wasn’t motivated to take action about it until the summer after I graduated. I was working in an office on salary, and the day I figured out I was making $4/hr with a college degree I knew it was time for a change. Things got worse when I was showering…and the lights went out. I was crying to my mom about being BROKE when she looked at me, smiled knowingly, and said, “Are you ready to join Mary Kay?”

I finally was, but even I couldn’t believe it! I used the last $100 to my name to sign my agreement, order my starter kit, and open my business. I worked 4-6 hours a week like most new consultants, and my success didn’t happen overnight, but a year later I was a full time Mary Kay Consultant. Today, I live my pink life & it’s my career of choice – and I’m loving every minute. Of course, it isn’t perfect, and if I don’t work the business it doesn’t pay me like a business – but that’s like anything else in life. However, almost 5 years ago I was ready for a change, and willing to go after the opportunity that was before me. 

I want to encourage you to do the same – if you’re ready for more in life, including more money or more choices – please let me know! In Mary Kay, we’re looking for women who are professional, passionate, hard working, and positive. You are the boss, but we are your business coach; ready to help and lead you to your version of success! 

If you’d like to know more about how Mary Kay could be the answer you’re looking for, please call anytime or contact me on my website! I’d love to help you write your own pink story. 

Kendyl Heins 


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