You Spoke. We Listened. Bring It, Claremore.

BringItClaremore - featureThe response to has been amazing– Thank You!

We’re proud of our city. Few places still value community, treat neighbors like family, and dig deep to work together for the common good. Claremore is a special place.

We’re busy organizing your responses into a priority list. Just like a birthday, this will become our wish list. Nothing is guaranteed, but we have an amazing opportunity to pursue retail and restaurant growth within city limits and we are hard at work to attract the right businesses.

Pay it forward.

We’ve “hit the tip of the iceberg” and would love more feedback! Here’s your chance to share with your friends and neighbors. If you know someone who hasn’t participated, encourage them to join the conversation by visiting

Together we’re reminding the world of our charm and honest living. We have their ear and they are falling in love with Claremore.

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