Oklahoma beats Texas – and nearly all states – in barbecue


by Ginnie Graham, Tulsa World

Oklahoma beats Texas again. This time at the game of barbecue.

Of course, those of us north of Red River already knew of this superior grill performance, but now there’s a little analysis to go with it.

Estately put out a ranking of the most barbecue crazed states. It’s a little strange that a website specializing in real estate looks into this, but maybe people seek to live in barbecue-friendly states.

Those are the best, most delicious, states in which to reside.

No matter the reason, the Sooner state does well.

Oklahoma takes the No. 2 spot behind Alabama.

Trailing behind is Tennessee in third, followed by Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina.

To read the rest of why Oklahoma is awesome, see the full Tulsa World article here. 

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