The Personal Power of Saying No

20u-Say-NoOver the years, I’ve learned that if something inside of me is not resounding with a passionate urge– if I feel anything less than ecstatic or amazed –I shouldn’t pursue it.

Instead, I simply say, “No.”

If you put this into practice, you make room in your life to really throw yourself completely into the rare things that provide you the most joy. For me this is helping, encouraging and supporting those who’s goal is forward motion.

We’re all busy and we’ve all taken on too much. We dilute ourselves.
Saying yes to less is the key.


This week I was heavily recruited for (what is seen by some as) a coveted leadership position. The organization has a solid set of core values and I agree with many if not most of their values. However, this was the third recruitment attempt. Honestly it was tiring and frustrating. My response was consistent with the previous attempts: “No.”

“No” is difficult to deliver, but I have learned that it is an essential part of any forward moving individual’s vocabulary. When I say, “No” I’m really saying, “I’m confident in my role and purpose. I appreciate the offer, but am better suited when I play to my strengths. Besides, if I don’t have a burning passion to lead your organization into the future, I would be doing you a diservice by taking on this responsibility, right?”

Final Thought: Don’t dilute yourself.


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