Crazy Clever Cleaning Hacks

I’ve seen a few of these before, and I figure if they keep reappearing, they might be worth checking out. So read through, grab yourself an industrial-sized bottle of white vinegar, and let’s get to cleaning!

It’s never fun to break a glass, especially if you’re barefoot…ever. Or if you have little kids around. Press a piece of white bread all around the area to pick up even the tiniest slivers. white-bread-934x



Great tip if you live in a fraternity house, or if you (still) have little kids around. Vacuum up vomit! Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread on the area. Let dry overnight, then vacuum up the whole mess. Also works for urine. vomit-934x

We keep our mattresses for years. We change our sheets (I hope you do, anyway), but how to keep the mattress fresh? Using a spray bottle, spritz the mattress with vodka. Judging by the photo, you can add a few drops of essential oils to up the “smell good” factor. Let it air dry, and your mattress will be bacteria-free! Note: Do not lick the mattress.
Vodka-Spray-934x Disinfect your dishwasher by running a hot cycle with nothing but a cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Then sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom and run again on a short hot cycle. vinegar-in-dishwasher-934x



Pick up pet hair by running a rubber squeegee over the carpet. You can also wear one of those fashionable rubber dishwashing gloves to get the job done. Squeegee-pet-hair-934x



Here’s one that I’ve actually been meaning to try. Clean your shower head by filling a bag with white vinegar (see? Vinegar is in abundance), secure it shower head overnight, then wipe clean in the morning. shower-head-bag-934x

This is pretty brilliant. I usually get around the whole “dust falling down on my head” issue by just not cleaning the fans. But this is probably better. Use a pillowcase to wipe fan blades, so the dust goes into the case. pillowcase-ceiling-fan-934x


To clean your oven, place 1/2 cup of ammonia in a cold oven and leave overnight. Wipe it clean in the morning. I have no idea how this works. I tried using the self-cleaning feature on an oven once, and it caught fire…with the door locked. So again, this is probably a better alternative to that. oven-cleaner-934x When you walk through the snow or rain with your tennies on, it’s no fun to walk around in wet shoes. Stuff newspapers inside shoes to soak up moisture. newspaper-rice-in-shoes-934x

I actually use this tip. Because sponges are gross. Another method is running them through the dishwasher. microwave-sponge-934x

Back to those pesky little kids and their sticky peanut butter fingers….if your microfiber couch is looking a little rough, here’s a fix. Spray the couch with rubbing alcohol, then use a white sponge to rub the couch. This photo looks exactly like my couch, so maybe I should give this a whirl and banish those peanut butter fingerprints!  microfiber-couch-934x


This is a new one for me, but I’m going to try it. Namely because I’m the one that always has to clean the toilet. Fill a mason jar with (what else?!) WHITE VINEGAR, and put the lid on. Punch a couple of holes in the lid with a nail. Then put the jar in the toilet tank upside down. With each flush, a bit of vinegar will seep out, keeping the bowl clean(er). I’m confused, though…that jar pictured isn’t upside down, is it? mason-jar-in-toilet-934x

Thanks to my peanut butter-covered little, I also have a microwave that smells eternally of fish sticks. This could help! Halve a lemon or two, and place them in a glass dish of water. Crank the microwave on until the water boils (I’m guessing five minutes?). Let it sit for one minute in order to steam, then wipe the inside clean. lemon-in-microwave-934x

Got a weird carpet stain? Fill your trusty spray bottle with two parts water and one part WHITE VINEGAR. Spray the stain. Then place a damp rag over the spot and place a hot iron (on the steam setting) over the spot for 30 seconds. This is supposed to steam your carpet. If your carpet catches on fire, moreClaremore does not take responsibility. iron-carpet-stain-934x

Here’s another that I’m really excited about. My big Foreman grill is such a bear to clean, that I mainly just don’t use it. This might be the magic solution! After cooking dinner, unplug the grill, then place a couple of damp paper towels between the bottom and the lid. The heat will theoretically steam the grill clean. After it cools, wipe with another paper towel and you’re done. foreman-grill-934x

Use a wad of aluminum foil to scrub those weird rusty-looking stains that always appear on glass bakeware. foil-glass-dishes-934x

After you run a load of laundry, instead of throwing away the dryer sheet, use it to wipe down dusty areas, like baseboards. It not only dusts, but will repel dust in the future. dryer-sheets-934x

Clean your grill with an onion! Cut an onion in half, and use a fork to wipe it on the grates of a hot grill. It cleans it, and adds a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to your dinner. clean-grill-with-onion-934x

Clean your blender by filling with hot water and some liquid dish soap. Put the lid on. Then turn on the blender! Remove the lid, rinse and dry. blend-soap-and-water-934x

Speed up slow drains by dropping four Alka-Seltzer tables down the drain, followed by a cup of (what else?) WHITE VINEGAR. Let sit for 10 minutes, then pour some boiling water down the drain.

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