50% or at least half a smile.

    By Travis Peck

    negative newsFinding the negatives in life is easy. Turn on the news. Lead stories of death and destruction, power struggles and money troubles. A window open 24 hours a day letting in all the worst the world has to offer. Appealing to those with the most fear while turning devastation into profit.

    There is a rule in the world of radio and television that states that politicians running against one another are allowed equal time on-air. This is meant to help keep the race fair and give both candidates a chance to express their viewpoints.

    If only we could get equal time for positive and negative news!

    Despite what some might lead you to believe, there is truly good in the world. It is all around us every day and we often take it for granted. It can be in the simplest of gestures.

    Often we are enthralled by tragedies because they are not the norm. Day to day life is full of little wins and losses. Having the right amount of change at the drive-thru or having someone hold a door open for you, wins. Stepping in a puddle up to your ankle or getting pulled over, losses.

    At the end of an average day, a balanced day, we hopefully find ourselves with family and friends. Maybe we kick back with our favorite beverage or jam on the guitar. There are so many good things happening in the world I wish we could see the good in people on our televisions from time to time.

    Inspirational stories flood the internet and as an avid crier myself, even the slightest pull on the heartstrings can set off the water works. Works of kindness and people coming together for the greater good are what I try to focus on in my life. I’m what you might call upbeat. One of the keys to staying upbeat is relishing the good in people.

    I’ve lost people that I love. I know pain and struggle. My life is not picture perfect. Life is rarely an easy ride in a chariot of gold. Up and down, back and forth, good and bad. Find that middle ground and maybe lean just ever so slightly in the favor of happiness and positive energy.

    Take joy in the fact that you are here and have this day. Place your faith in the positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. If people know they can count on you to brighten their day, maybe next time you’re feeling less than perfect an uplifting word will come from an unexpected place.

    Don’t give up on humanity because television says so. Seek out positive stories and better yet, create your own by reaching out and building up those around you.

    By nature life is complicated but it doesn’t have to be negative.

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