Labor Day Food and Fun

quoitsIt’s Labor Day weekend. The kids are out of school for FIVE DAYS. It’s time to enjoy the last bit of 100-degree heat and do something fun (other than watch football). We’ve collected some ideas for you and some fantastic recipes.

First up is a list of 35 amazing burgers. Yes, that’s right. Because you’re probably going to be grilling. I must say, I am a new devotee of fried eggs on burgers, and that just happened to make the list. You’re welcome.

Next we have “Labor-Less Recipes” for Labor Day. So you don’t have to work too hard on your day off.

And to round off the delicious meal that I decided you’re making, we’ve got desserts! Lots and lots of ideas, so you don’t just give up and buy a tray of cookies.

So what are your kids doing while you’re grilling and making fabulous desserts? Here’s a list of 10 ideas. And I have no clue what “quoits” is. Are? But apparently it’s popular. I also think it’s hilarious that a lemonade stand made the cut; what’s more ironic than putting your kids to work on Labor Day?

This site has some more Labor Day activities: housework made the list. Because that’s exactly what I want to do on a holiday at home. Anyway, there are a couple other suggestions, too.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone! And if you make bacon and egg burgers, please invite me over. Thanks.


-MCM Staffer Ashley, 

lover of fried egg burgers



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