by Travis Peck

passionI have a few. In fact, some might say I have a few too many. My wife. My son. Music. TV. Sports. Beer. Passions are those things in life that bring us pure joy. Something you can talk about for hours and never grow tired. Often they are the things we dream about while we do the things required. I don’t know many people with a passion for accounting, but if you are out there, bless you.

These passions normally manifest themselves at an early age and for that reason they remain with us forever. Sometimes they are seemingly naive dreams of becoming a spaceman or President of the United States. But before you dismiss these as childish fantasy, remember somebody had this dream and made it come true. There are astronauts and despite the low chance of becoming the ruler of the free world, somebody gets/has to do it!

Passion combined with drive is a force indeed. Taking something you love and focusing all your efforts to become successful in that particular area can bring great rewards. You always hear the phrase, “shoot for the stars” when referring to an ultimate goal. I feel that sometimes the stars are just the beginning for some. We can’t all be pop stars or world famous astrophysicists but we can excel at those things that bring us joy. In a perfect world we would all get paid for doing the things we love. For now I will settle for having the free time to engage in some of my favorites.

Take a minute and think about what makes you happy. Is it running? Maybe cooking? Making short films? Gardening?

One of the greatest things about passion is finding others who share an affinity for yours. Coming together for collaborations can build friendships and grow relationships. Sometimes the shared passion of art or music can create bonds that wouldn’t exist otherwise. People with opposing viewpoints on nearly everything else can find common ground in a nice toe-tapping beat or share in the beauty of a classical painting.  We should never give up on our passions. I feel that those things we most want are the things we are most willing to work harder for or consider them no work at all.

You might not be Picasso or Coltrane, Jordan or King but you can be passionate about many things and learn that sometimes life’s ‘extras’ are what life is really all about. Everyone starts somewhere and there are no limits on dreams. Bring passion into your everyday life and it will show. Hearing somebody talk about the things they love gets me motivated and excited.

When somebody asks ‘What have you been up to lately?” Don’t say “Just working.” Tell them about the engine you are rebuilding or the new novel you started writing. Remind them and yourself that your passions are still alive and well.

Some people say I have a knack for writing. It is a passion I have ignored for far too long. Maybe I should take my own advice and do a little bit more of this thing I love!




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