Let’s Talk Cellulite

Let’s talk CELLULITE! 
I usually hide my legs, they’ve always been solid, and even though I work out and eat properly (most of the time!), I still have fat cellulite pockets on the side and back of my legs. But this summer I decided I DON’T CARE! I’m going to wear cute workout shorts! 

You may call it cottage cheese or orange peel. I know, I know! Don’t say those nasty words! But let’s break it down:

1. Did you know that 90 percent of women have cellulite? So when you cringe at yourself in the mirror, you aren’t alone.
2. Cellulite is considered a genetic condition. So if mom and grandma had it, you probably will as well.
3. At times, when you are eating correct and exercising (doing everything right), it’s not uncommon for cellulite to get worse before it gets better. So don’t give up on your healthy lifestyle routine (it may not all go away, but I promise it’s decreasing).
4. Even though there is no cure for cellulite, guess what, it’s not to late to take control of it before it gets worse with age. Make sure you toning with weights  not just cardio, drinking water like crazy and eating properly.

 So put on this cute shorts and walk around proud! Good luck! 

-Tammy Thomas, Trim N Tone


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