Part 2: Five MORE Unknown Beauty Tips

skinAs Labor Day signals the end of the summer, I want to share with you a few more beauty tips that aren’t necessarily well-known. It’s my hope that in the process you’ll learn something new 🙂 The good news is, these tips are easy to implement into your daily routine! So without further ado, here are 5 more little-known beauty tips:

1. Your skin care needs to be all one brand. 
It’s more common than not to hear from someone “I use such and such brand cleanser with this brand moisturizer and that brand eye cream” when asked what kind of skin care they use on a daily basis. I totally understand the excitement of seeing a new product advertised on TV or in a magazine – even I, a Mary Kay consultant, reacts sometimes with, “Hmm! That looks intriguing!” when I see something new advertised. So I get it. But you have to realize that each brand of skin care is scientifically formulated to work together! It’d be like trying to bake a cake using ingredient measurements from 5 different recipes. What would your cake taste, look, smell, feel like?! Yuck! Bottom line: you’ll get the BEST results from one brand of skin care throughout. Please note this”rule” does not apply to color cosmetics. 
My suggestion: utilize the skills of someone who has years of experience when it comes to customizing a skin care set for your specific skin care needs. It’s important! 

2. Concealer can help you get TRUE lipstick color! 
Whew! That #1 tip was a long one, so here’s a short truth for ya: use your every day concealer on your LIPS before you apply any lip liner or lip color. It’ll blot out the natural, God-given lip color you have and give you true color from the tube to your lips. Ever wonder why that red lip color turns pink when you put it on? Your natural lip color will always add to whatever color you see on the tube, unless you blot it out with concealer. Now you know – you’re welcome 🙂 
My suggestion: Mary Kay Concealer is bar-none THE BEST in the industry. Try it! 

3. There are different kinds of red lips! 
Speaking of red lips, did you know there are different kinds of red lips, and they all do different things? Yes! There are blue-reds, orange-reds, and neutral or pink-reds. ALL of them need to have concealer and lip liner under them in order to look the best. Blue reds are best for beige – or olive – skin tones and make your teeth look whiter! Orange reds (think Taylor Swift) are best for blondes and light skin tones, and it also has an aura of youth to it, so it’ll help you look (and feel) younger. Neutral or pink reds are the hardest to find, but go with anything and work with most skin tones. 
My suggestion: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks in Sizzling Red (blue), Firecracker (orange), or Coral Bliss (neutral-pink). 

4. “I have blue eyes; can I wear blue eyeshadow?” 
I seriously get this question all the time. 🙂 This is the million-dollar question in seasons of BRIGHT eye colors and eyeliners. The short answer to that question is YES – you just have to know where to put it and don’t get crazy. For example, if you have blue eyes, start by packing your blue eyeshadow on your bottom lashes as a liner or using it sparingly in your crease. I think the rule here is to stay in the same undertones of color – like a cool blue eyeshadow won’t look right with a warm amber color. So stick warms with warms and cools with cools and you should be safe.

5. Have glasses? Wear more! 
The simplicity of this is clear: if you wear glasses in a daily basis, you need to wear MORE eye color, eyeliner, and mascara than the average Jane. Think about it: when people look at you, do they look at your glasses or into your eyes? If you’re not sure, it’s because they’re most likely looking at your glasses. They compete with each other if you don’t wear more eye color. Simply MORE will draw attention where you want it: to your gorgeous eyes! 

Mary Kay’s products are 100% guaranteed, and I’d love to help you find your perfect skin care combo, or that stunning red lip for you! Let me know if you’d like to get together and try it. 

Kendyl Heins 

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