Pics You Should Keep in Your Phone

Hand holding mobile smart phoneA few years ago, my sister and her husband lost basically everything in a house fire. One thing I learned from the mess was this: Take photos of your house, because it’s really difficult to list every item you own, and the insurance people make you do that. I mean, my sister had like 437 cookbooks. Like she could really list them all? It’s also important to take pics of your fancy electronic devices, especially the serial numbers, because if Billy Burglar comes in and swipes your television, you can prove what you’ve actually lost.

Here are a few other ideas we’ve come up with of things you should take pics of and store in your phone. Because you just never know.

  • The measurements of your air filter. You know, those things you’re supposed to change every few months and never do?
  • Printer cartridges. I used to have to buy ink for several co-workers, and everyone had a different printer. I tried writing the numbers on Post-Its, but I tend to lose those. Taking pics of everyone’s cartridge was very helpful.
  • The types of light bulbs that fit your fixtures. I have these big vanity bulbs in the bathrooms, and odd flood lamps over the fireplace. I feel awkward carrying my old light bulbs into the store, so this is much easier.
  • Take a pic of where you parked the car, especially in a strange city (in a nondescript rental car!) or at the mall during the holidays. Or just at Walmart.
  • Snap a photo of your¬†hotel room number. I learned this on a business trip to NYC from a friend; all the hotel halls look the same, and if you’ve been bouncing from city to city and hotel to hotel like we had, the numbers all run together. It’s also beneficial if you have some adult beverages while exploring the city.
  • Items you see in stores that you just KNOW you can DIY. I carried around a pic in my phone for months of a Scrabble picture frame that I had good intentions of making. I didn’t.
  • Anything that you use of someone else’s that you may want to purchase for yourself. In the days before smart phones, it was my mission to find this particular soap that I found in a restaurant restroom. (I found it at Lowe’s, in case you were wondering.)

And if nothing else, get the serial numbers for your big screen TV stashed somewhere safely, okay?

MCM Staffer Ashley,

who has way too many pics in her phone


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