Be a Blessing…and Awkward Elevator Silence

elevatorHere’s something you may not, (but probably do), know about me. I hate elevators. Not in the way that some people hate them, in that they’re terrified to ride in one because of a fear of heights or small spaces.

Nope, I hate the awkwardness of being in an elevator with a bunch of people not speaking or acknowledging one another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of it, too. There are few things more awkward than trying to strike up a conversation with someone for one or two floors and then trying to wrap up that conversation before one of you steps off and the doors start closing and you never see them again. So, it’s easier to say nothing. And just be super awkward for a few painful seconds.

But every once in a while, I get a wild hare and decide to go for it. Andusually, I don’t regret it.

For instance, a woman recently hopped in the elevator with me first thing in the morning on my way in to work. We smiled politely, and I decided to ask how she was. First she was hesitant and just said “good, thanks.” But then almost immediately followed up nervously with, “Actually, it’s my first day, could you help me figure out where to go?” So I did. And I was so glad I’d said something and didn’t leave that poor girl wandering nervously on her first day, because hey, we’ve all been there, right?

Same setting, different day – another woman stepped on and I complimented this great scarf she was wearing. Her response was a pleasantly surprised “Thank you so much, I was just thinking how much I liked your necklace!” Which in turn, completely made MY day.

Sometimes the simplest thing can turn an entire day around for the better. A random text message from a friend wishing me a good day. A compliment from a stranger. Someone holding a door open.

I’ve always been a “complimentor,” for lack of a better word. If I like your shoes, your nail polish, your hair or your perfume, I’m probably going to tell you. Whether you’re my co-worker or the checker at my grocery store. I don’t do this out of habit or just to make conversation, and definitely not to seek a compliment in return – it’s just that, if I like something about you, I think you should know. I’ve actually been made fun of for this – “What, are you running for class president?” (As a past class president, let me just say – rude.)

But here’s why I do it. My day can easily be made by the simplest compliment or smallest gesture from someone. It’s always unexpected and immediately lifts my mood. And every little gesture and compliment like that reminds me to say a quick prayer thanking God for this life and for the kind people in the world who remind me of His abundant love. So, why not bless someone else in the same way? Give others a boost in spirit and a reminder that God’s light lives in you.

Be a blessing to someone today! Haven’t talked to a friend in a while? Let them know you’re thinking of them. Like that person’s shoes in front of you at the post office? Tell them!

Spread a little love and light today. Especially if you’re stuck in a painfully quiet elevator with someone.

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