Mom Confessions

1. My children fight. A lot. And most of the time, they fight about stuff I had kind of deemed “unfightable.” Like how many raisins are in a bowl of cereal. True story.

2. I have, on occasion, hidden dirty dishes in the oven. And yes, I have forgotten about them … until a day later … when I preheated the oven to 350 degrees … again, true story.

3. I love my children with all of me, but I do not enjoy cooking with them. I really want to be one of those moms who doesn’t care about little fingers in the batter, and I have tried earnestly for YEARS to be her, but I am not. Little fingers make me stress.

4. “You have to finish your fries before you eat your cookie” is a sentence I have not only uttered, but have also believed to be logical.

5. Once upon a time, my children were never going to eat fries or cookies. In either order.

6. As much as I am a crafty, hippie, free-flow, process-over-product mama, I still have the slight urge to put the eyes in the “right” place.

7. I have lost the ability to discern whether three days without a shower is a badge of honor or just plain gross.

8. In a five-minute timespan, I can preach “share, share, share” to my children and then sneak around the corner to finish a handful of chips so I don’t have to.

9. My laundry is on the floor. Enough said.

10. Just so you know, I am real.

Just like you.

I know you see only my sweetest moments uploaded on Facebook, but never doubt that I am real. I guess I am guilty of posting the best of my life, and maybe that’s because, at the end of the day, that’s what I want to remember. But please know even though you see a picture of my kids hugging tenderly, what you don’t see is the hitting and tackling and yes, occasional biting (see no. 1). And even though I post the adorable, we’re-so-in-love date night photo, you don’t see the disagreement (ok, it was a fight) my husband and I had last week. What you see is a snapshot of the most photographable moments of my life. You don’t see my messy house, the tears I cry when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed or the days I feel I’m living for bedtime and we’ve barely had breakfast.

Yes, I have those days, too. It’s such a roller coaster ride. Do I love every minute of it? Um, no. Would I trade it? Never. It’s my real. It’s my motherhood. It’s my crazy, beautiful life.

And I’m willing to bet it looks a lot like yours.

-by Jai Wallace Tracy



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