Three Honest Conclusions about Life & Fashion

coloradoAs I returned from my very first “roughin’ it” camping trip this weekend, I reflected upon some of the real, honest-to-goodness things I’ve learned that I want to take to heart about my appearance and daily routine. Read on to see what I mean.

1. It’s ok to change it up every so often! Before we left for our camping trip, I told my husband I would NOT be going without washing my face & putting on at least a little makeup if I could help it. He smiled and said “That’s fine, but you need to minimize the amount you bring,” because he knew we had limited space to pack. I quickly realized in order to simplify my routine, it would require me to try some new things! For example, I used the Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths for the first time. They are dry cloths that you activate the cleanser with water, then rinse & throw the cloth into the fire. Viola – clean face. I also used one of our @Play Eye Trios because I didn’t have room for my full compact, and guess what? I loved it! So when life gives you lemons, make limeade instead. 

2. Clothes are just clothes that are just clothes that are just clothes… One of the big things I learned while camping is that dust and dirt will get into EVERYTHING. If not, you’re not doing it right! I brought along some clothes that, looking back, were not camping appropriate, but who was I to know? Needless to say those clothes got dirty, and while at first I was panicking on the inside, I quickly concluded, “Oh please! They’re just clothes – they can be washed or even replaced.” I realized my priority for this trip was to spend time with my husband, not worrying about my “precious” clothes. So get dirty every so often. It’s good for you. 

3. It’s healthy to go “all natural.” The first 24 hours of our trip I was not able to apply my makeup to the level I would’ve liked. This was honestly really uncomfortable for me, mainly because I felt out of my element on this whole trip in general and this was the icing on the cake. But I quickly concluded it was good and honest for my friends to see I’m human too, I have things about my skin I’d like to improve as well, and that maybe my confidence level was tied to the level of coverage my makeup gave me -which, by the way, is an awful way to live. Just be you! Makeup or not. 

Bottom line? This trip was very valuable for me, in more ways than one. While I am enjoying being back into my routine, I won’t quickly forget these lessons learned. 

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Kendyl Heins 



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