A Confession, and Open Letter to You, Veteran.

veteran letterDear Veteran,

Every year I struggle with what to say to you on this day. I hate to use the obligatory “Thank you for your service” that you have heard so many times that it is numb to you. So instead I will tell you a story.

Yeaterday I took a sick day. Today my wife and kids are taking a sick day. There has been no government rep knocking on my door looking for me. I have not been asked to repay my debt for lost hours of productivity. My home remains mine, and I have complete confidence I got all the meds I needed.

I tell you this because, if you hadn’t made that call, if you hadn’t done the unthinkable, if you hadn’t spent that night there, if you hadn’t endured that CO, if you hadn’t said “Yes. I’ll go,” there wouldn’t be a need to tell you this.

From the bottom of my heart, I take my hat off to you. Thank You, Sir. Thank You, Ma’am.


Josh Froman


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