15-Minute Home Makeovers

houseTired of your home being blah? Take 15 minutes and do some easy makeovers!

1. Switch the plates. Upgrade your drab, plastic light switch plates with snazzy covers that match or accent your décor.

2. Touch up boo-boos. A bit of new paint gives any room a fresh face. Touch up banged-up baseboards, door and window trim, and wall marks that won’t wash away.

3. Change out drawer and door hardware. This is an inexpensive fix that makes a big difference!

4. Update your mailbox. Even spray painting your mailbox will spruce up and add curb appeal.

5. Deck out those digits! Decorative house numbers can give your home a classy and custom look.

These makeover tips are brought to you by Real Estate by Valerie! 

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