How to Make a Hot Cocoa Kit

Hot-Cocoa-Mix-Kit-BottlesThis is a cute, inexpensive idea that is perfect for teachers, neighbors, random officemates…it may be a good plan to make several and then you’ll have them ready, should you be caught in an awkward situation! Depending on how fancy you get with ingredients, these cost about $5 per kit.

Test tubes abound online, but it’s difficult to find the right price and size (I know, I bought some for my kid’s birthday a couple years ago). These were found at Hobby Lobby, in the aisle with the colored sand for crafts. They are 3 ounces each, made by Tree House Studio and called Craft Bottles.

Other items you’ll need are glue (glue dots or hot glue), ribbon, rubber bands and any other decorative items; the author of the original post used floral picks from Hobby Lobby to add some pizzazz.

(Side note: if you don’t frequent Hobby Lobby on a regular basis, you might not know that you can download their free app and get a 40% coupon on your phone that can be used once a day on any full-priced item. You’re welcome.)

As far as the delicious part goes, you’ll need hot cocoa mix (store-bought or homemade), mini marshmallows, crushed candy canes and mint or chocolate chips. Another idea suggested by the author is mint Oreos.

Load up the tubes with the ingredients. Using the rubber band, bundle together in groups of four, then tie some ribbon around. Ta-da! Cute, cheap and Christmasy.

For the full story, instructions and more photos, visit the original blog post at Hoosier Homemade. 


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