13 Creative and Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers

1. Make a mug cozy for your favorite teacher, so her mug doesn’t get lost in the teacher’s lounge.  enhanced-buzz-31620-1382990611-9

2. Save your teacher’s wallet by making a school supply cake!


3. These DIY glass magnets are adorable, and perfect for displaying student work!


4. When your teacher is stricken with the winter blues or the holiday hum drums, this “wellness basket” is a great pick-me-up!


5. If you’re unsure what your favorite teacher would like, try giving a donation to a children’s charity in the name of the classroom.


6. Buy some books for the classroom library to encourage a love of reading. Get the list of 2014 Notable Children’s Books here.


7. If you aren’t in a position to spend much, you can always volunteer to spend time in the classroom. Extra hands are always welcome.



8. Offer to help your teacher get organized at the end of the year. That might be worth more than any gift card you could give.


9. But if you do choose the gift card route, it’s a nice idea to go in with other students to make it more worthwhile.


10. Grading stamps are always nice to have. Plus, these are super cute.


11. Teachers often bring their lunches, so a cute, reusable lunch bag is a gift that’s both fun and practical.



12. Personalized stationery is another fun yet practical gift. And you’ll know it gets used when the teacher sends home notes about your angelic child! enhanced-buzz-2581-1382993159-7

13. Help decrease classroom clutter with these cute Crayola canisters!


Get more ideas here! 

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