The Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide

From PumpUp

Seems this is the time of year that everyone deems the perfect time to get in shape…since New Year’s Day is just around the corner. Obviously you’re not going to get buff while attending (and eating at) a zillion holiday parties, but we’ve got some incentive for you.

Here is a list of great holiday gifts for the fitness buff to the person who knows they should probably start working out at some point.

Aladdin Twist and Sip Water Bottle – $20 

Everyone needs to drink water, and this is much classier than a plastic, environment-killing plastic bottle.


Trudeau Travel Tea Infuser Tumbler $17

Here’s a cool (or hot!) way to drink tea on the go without a teapot. Also without spilling it on yourself. Gift some loose tea along with it, and it’s an ideal gift for any tea lover.


Aumzer Vegetable Spiralizer $15

This is neat…it takes any vegetable and turns it into a pasta lookalike. So you can fool your arteries into thinking you’re eating Olive Garden, when you’re actually being healthy. Take that, arteries.


Gift card to a fun fitness class and coupon for a lunch date 

If you have a friend who wants to start working out but isn’t sure how, this is a fun gift. Take a fitness class together, something you’d never brave on your own, like pole dancing or aerial yoga. Then go to lunch (healthy!) and laugh about how bad you were at it.


PurAthletics Intro Yoga Kit $28

This is perfect for a person who may be interested in yoga but is too intimidated to try. Like me!


Motivational Jewelry ~$20

There are some really cute workout-inspired jewelry pieces on Etsy. No matter your fitness interest, you can find something that will look gorgeous both in and out of the gym.



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