Internet Acronyms: Learn What Your Kids are Doing

lolIt seems that everything revolves around the internet and social media these days, and kids are adapting to it much more quickly than their elders. (Seriously, my toddler can operate an iPad better than his dad can.)

As adults, we are constantly hearing about all these apps that teens are using to chat with their friends. Of course, they’re texting. But there’s also Snapchat. Kik. Whisper. Because in case you haven’t heard, Facebook is for “old people.” LOL.

Parents may be wary about what their kids are chatting about, but there may be more secrets than you know. It turns out, internet acronyms have evolved from LOL and OMG. Below, we have a much longer list of the abbreviations kids are using now. You’ll want to know what they mean.

1. IWSN – I want sex now

2. GNOC – Get naked on camera

3. NIFOC – Naked in front of computer

4. PIR – Parent in room

5 CU46 – See you for sex

6. 53X – Sex

7. 9 – Parent watching

8. 99 – Parent gone

9. 1174′ – Party meeting place

10. THOT – That hoe over there

11. CID – Acid (the drug)

12. Broken – Hungover from alcohol

13. 420 – Marijuana

14. POS – Parent over shoulder

15. SUGARPIC – Suggestive or erotic photo

16. KOTL – Kiss on the lips

17. (L)MIRL – Let’s meet in real life

18. PRON – Porn

19. TDTM – Talk dirty to me

20. 8 – Oral sex

21. CD9 – Parents around/Code 9

22. IPN – I’m posting naked

23. LH6 – Let’s have sex

24. WTTP – Want to trade pictures?

25. DOC – Drug of choice

26. TWD – Texting while driving

27. GYPO – Get your pants off

28. KPC- Keeping parents clueless

It’s a good idea to monitor what your teens are chatting about. Keep those kids safe!

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