Everyone’s Favorite Thing: More Life Hacks!

We all enjoy life hacks, because whenever we read them, we think, “Aha! My life is going to be ridiculously easy from now on, thanks to these.” And then we forget. But maybe one will stick and make your life a shade simpler.

I have not tried this, as I do not ever have any Alka-Seltzer. I’m not even sure what Alka-Seltzer is a remedy for; I just know that it goes “plop, plop, fizz, fizz….” And then there’s some kind of relief.




This would have been handy a few days ago, no?




I’m sure nobody’s kids got any annoying toys for Christmas, right?




This seems logical. Or isn’t that what a tie tack is for? I honestly don’t know.



This seems silly. The seam is still there, and then you look like you got dressed in the dark.




Nobody likes the heel anyway.desktop-1419362466


I’ve never tried this, but doesn’t that sound like a recipe for an incredibly soggy bagel? And yes, “rejuvenate” is misspelled. Darn that internet.


This is actually logical. I like this.





This also seems logical.



This is how ironing gets done at my house. I haven’t owned an ironing board in at least four years. Probably shouldn’t admit that.



This probably works better in towns that aren’t Claremore. But it could be helpful.




I do employ this tactic; I don’t check coats often, but I do this when I stay in a hotel. Take a pic of the room number plaque outside the door. The rooms all tend to look the same, and if you add a couple of adult beverages in the mix, it may get confusing.

desktop-1419370415This is probably the most helpful list of life hacks I’ve seen, so maybe some of them will stick. And I suppose I should buy Alka-Seltzer and possibly an ironing board.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,

who can’t get past the thought of a wet bagel





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