Top Secret Menu Items: Part One

I had a chat with a friend recently about an article she had read about “secret items” you can order at restaurants. Since I really like food and eat more of it than I should, I was definitely up for doing some research. I didn’t realize some of these items are considered secret, but maybe I was just already that cool. Or it comes from a lifetime of being a really picky eater. Also, I guess I should state for the record that all items may not be available at all locations, yada yada yada.

sonic-frito-pieLet’s start with Sonic, because who doesn’t love America’s Drive-In? First up is Frito Pie. If the employee doesn’t know how to make it, tell him or her to pile some chili and cheese on some Fritos. I didn’t realize that Sonic stocks Fritos, but I’m guessing they do.

Another option from the Sonic secret menu is a Grilled Ham & Cheese. Seems pretty obvious: add ham to the grilled cheese. You’re welcome.

If you’re not in the mood for tots (Gasp!), you can still order Pickle-O’s, which were a discontinued appetizer. They’re fried pickles, in case you’re wondering. Give me tots any day.

Something on the list of Sonic secret menu items that surprised me was Sonic Made-to-order Burgers. That doesn’t really seem like a secret. Maybe it’s because I’ve got that 35 years of picky eating behind me; everything I get at a restaurant is “made to order.” Besides, Sonic angered me when they got rid of the Hickory Burger a few years ago. I calmed down when I realized I could just order a plain cheeseburger and get a side of hickory sauce. I guess I’ve been ordering a SECRET MENU ITEM! Oooh!

Everyone knows that Sonic is best known for their drinks. Another surprise happened here, as the Sonic Sunrise is listed as being an off-menu item. Did they discontinue this and I just missed it? Granted, it’s generally a morning drink, and I’m always stumbling through Sonic for my daily dose of Diet Coke, so I could have just not noticed its absence. If you order one, it’s equal parts orange juice and cherry limeade. Pretty delicious, even if it’s not a Diet Coke.

14-things-you-didn-t-know-about-sonicThe next Sonic drink that’s super secret is the Purple Sprite. Okay, that’s fun. But if you have to explain it…not so much. The Purple Sprite consists of Sprite (duh), with a touch of lemonade, Powerade and cranberry juice. I wouldn’t want to try to explain that through the static-filled speaker. But the next one is even worse….

The Dr. Pepper Orgasm. There is no way in the world I’d yell that order out my window for all to hear, no matter how delicious it is. But if you’re brave, it’s a “refreshing mix of Dr Pepper, lemonade, and Powerade.” Nothing about that sounds good.

Next up, let’s visit Claremore’s newest burger joint, Whataburger. Their #1 secret menu item is the Whatahash Burger*. This is when you order a burger and a side of hash browns, and put the hash browns on your burger. *Some assembly required. (On a similar note, I had a “breakfast burger” at a new restaurant in a neighboring town recently, and it had an egg and a hash brown on it; it was oh-my-goodness amazing. So this is probably pretty legit.)

whataburger-chicken-and-pancakesSeems like Chicken & Waffles is a pretty popular choice at restaurants these days, but sadly, Whataburger doesn’t serve waffles. But they do have Chicken & Pancakes! Order some flapjacks and some chicken tenders, and create your own fowl/breakfast feast. Just add syrup! This is one of those totally random dishes that I’ve always wanted to order somewhere, but never quite had the nerve.




suicideLet’s move on to Burger King. The secret menu item that I noticed first was the Suicide Burger. (Terrible marketing.) Also known as the “Quad Burger”, this bad boy consists of four patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce, all on a lovely sesame seed bun. May want to have 911 on speed dial.




fringsTo pair with your heart attack in a paper box, try a side of BK Frings! I seem to remember these being on the menu at some point in the past. It’s an order of half fries/half onion rings. What a novel idea, BK! Too bad it failed so it didn’t stay on the menu, amiright?! I can actually see where it would be a decent idea, if you couldn’t decide. Or if you happen to like Burger King’s fries, which I don’t know anyone who does.



rodeoThe last option from Burger King (there’s more, but the photos looked too disgusting to share with y’all) is the Rodeo Burger. This also used to be a regular menu item that was doomed. The Rodeo Burger is a cheeseburger with hickory sauce and a couple of onion rings. (Two thoughts: WHY are places getting rid of hickory burgers? First Sonic, now BK? Second: you can order Frings and add a couple to the burger.) Again, some assembly required.

Oh, and one last thing from Burger King…apparently if you get mustard on your Whopper instead of mayo, it’s a total game-changer. I honestly am not sure how a Whopper is different than a normal cheeseburger, since I’ve never had one, but I wouldn’t think it would be that different. Am I odd for eating mustard on burgers instead of mayonnaise to begin with?

This is getting ridiculously long, and I’m sure you’re itching to hit the drive-thru now, so we’ll wrap this up and continue later.

Happy eating!

-MCM Staffer Ashley,

who’s claim to fame is that she’s never eaten a burger from McDonald’s

and only ONE from BK, and that wasn’t her choice

Also, just for fun, you can read up on “14 Things You Didn’t Know About Sonic.”







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