Am I the Only One

    watermelonAm I the only one …

    who eats ice cream from the carton while standing in front of the freezer?

    who actually wants to see the Justin Bieber movie?

    who, just a year ago, had no clue who Justin Bieber was?


    Am I the only one …

    who has never seen “Dead Poets Society”?

    who has hidden dirty dishes in the stove ?

    who hasn’t worn fingernail polish in close to 10 years?


    Am I the only one …

    who wishes Wal-mart had a drive-thru?

    who worries way too much about my kids?

    who makes the same five meals over and over and over again?


    Am I the only one …

    whose son wakes up at 5:30 a.m.?

    who occasionally edits junk mail?

    who should be sleeping right now?


    Am I the only one …

    who hates watermelon?

    who catches myself worrying what people think of me?

    who is still waiting to feel like a grown up?


    Am I the only one …

    who kind of likes the smell of gasoline?

    who makes a grocery list and then forgets it at home?

    who makes mental notes of things to look up on wikipedia?


    Am I the only one …

    who counts on my fingers?

    who is bothered when people use quotation marks incorrectly?

    who wonders if it’s acceptable for a 35-year-old to use text language?


    Am I the only one …

    who wonders how I got to be 35?

    who still feels 21 on the inside?

    who vowed I would never drive a minivan?


    Am I the only one …

    who knows God loves me, but sometimes wonders why?

    Well, am I?

    -by Jai Wallace Tracy


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