Claremore Commentary

bostonby Ron Feuling
I moved to Claremore almost two years ago and don’t quite understand who could complain about it. Particularly when compared to the few other places I’ve lived. I grew up on the outskirts of Boston and tired of shoveling snow. I moved to Las Vegas and never quite acquired the ability to hibernate from the sun in the afternoon. Then I moved to the coast of North Carolina where I spent 20 years at the end of the supply chain, after which a job offer brought me to Claremore…well, not directly. The job is in Tulsa (the center of the supply chain), but me and my stuff stays in Claremore.

People of Claremore should be glad they don’t live in Boston or (Tulsa), or Las Vegas, or at the end of the Earth in coastal NC….just sayin’.
I suspect the real ‘problem’ is the “same as it ever was”…to quote the talking heads. We are forgetful creatures; we forget what is really important.

We are all here for one purpose, and most of us have no clue…which is perfectly fine…because that purpose cares not whether you are aware of it or not. We are ‘here’ to experience the Moment, whatever that may be…sitting in traffic, or basking on a glorious beach…these are all a choice inside, and we get to choose how we feel each moment.
What a gift…or burden…you choose.

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