How to Spring Clean Your Electronics

    computerIn the spirit of Spring Clean, we thought we’d pass on some tips to clean something else important: your electronics. Whether it’s your phone, laptop or iPod, it could probably use some help.

    If you’re like me and use a Mac, try these tips to clean it up and get things running more smoothly. I did most of them and learned a few things along the way!

    Try these ideas to clean up files on your Android and make some space.

    It’s always a good idea to back up your phone on a regular basis. You might have every intention of backing up all of your data to a hard drive that you bought especially for that purpose, but you may forget to take it out of the box for four months and then your phone just may fall into the toilet and you lose everything. I’m just guessing that could happen to someone.

    Don’t lie; we know your laptop is greasy and disgusting from eating chicken nuggets while cruising Pinterest. Here are some easy ways to clean your laptop safely. 

    Got ear wax on your headphones? We won’t judge. We’ll just tell you how to clean them. 

    If you’ve got a jillion songs in your iTunes library, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Learn how to dump duplicates and do some easy sorting! 

    Is your email getting crowded with junk? Here are some tips to clean out your Gmail. Also, I just tried; it’s a one-stop shop to unsubscribe from all your junk mail at once.

    Hope these tips help keep your life a little more streamlined.

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