LH Southern Sno-Balls: Tastiest Treat in Town

snowball7I’m a sweets junkie.


And one of my favorite summertime treats is a snow cone. But I’m picky. Ice too chunky? Not enough flavor juice? I’m out.

We all remember the cones from the neighborhood ice cream truck; they were presented in a soggy paper cone and were usually grape and cherry flavored. The chunks of ice were about the size of shark teeth.

The art of ice grinding has come a long way in recent years, and I’d wager that the best ice in town can be found at LH Southern Sno-Balls, which is located in the Hoover’s Have All Mall parking lot, directly across from Pixley Lumber.

snoballThe owner of the best snow cones in town is 20-year-old LaNae Henegar. She was a frequent customer of the previous owner, so much so that she finally asked for a job. Seemed a more convenient way to get her snow cone fix!

Last summer, when the owner decided to sell, LaNae did some serious thinking and decided to buy the business. As I mentioned, she’s just 20 years old, a full-time student at RSU. (She has her associate’s degree and will earn her bachelor’s in Human Resources in 2017.) Impressive, no?

In her second year of ownership, she’s made some fabulous changes. She admitted that she couldn’t have done it without her super-supportive mom, Valerie, her two sisters, Liberty and Laci, and all of their hard work.

First, she’s definitely got some honest-to-goodness, real, shaved ice. She’s added new flavors for this season, including Polar Punch, Cucumber Melon, Margarita, Wild Berry and Sea Breeze. If you’re wondering, Sea Breeze is a tart, fruity, tropical flavor. LH Southern Sno-Balls gets bonus points for offering cream and candy on the menu.

Just for the record, I asked LaNae for the best sellers, and she immediately said Wedding Cake and Fun in the Sun, which is a combo of peach daiquiri and pineapple. Sounds divine, if I only had a beach. The rest of the menu is extensive and delicious, featuring the standard favorites (cherry, orange, grape) along with unique options such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Wild Thing, Yellow Monkey and Orchid Vanilla. Sugar-free flavors are also available. (Personally, I chose my standard of an orange and cream combo. Like a creamsicle, or a dreamsicle, depending on where you are.)

sIMG_0661The other noticeable change is the exterior area of the bright yellow truck. LaNae has added a pergola strung with festive lights, a few picnic tables, a porch swing and plenty of colorful flowers. It’s a lovely shady spot to sit and enjoy a sweet treat, and I imagine it’s pretty spectacular after dark. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, or to bring your hot and sweaty sports teams to celebrate a win (or soothe a loss).

LH Southern Sno-Balls is open Monday – Friday from 3:30p – 9p, and Saturday from noon – 9p. Closed Sundays. After school is out for the summer, the stand will open at 1p. Credit cards are accepted. And if you place your order as a train is passing, you earn 25 cents off!

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-MCM Staffer Ashley, 

whose little helper loved his snow cone.

And the swing.








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