Claremore Health Department: Oklahoma’s Department of the Year!


RCHD Health Dept. of Year 2015 picOn May 12, 2015 the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) named Rogers County Health Department as Health Department of the Year. The announcement was made by Oklahoma State Board of Health President Dr. Ronald Woodson and the award was presented by OSDH Commissioner and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Human Services Dr. Terry Cline.

“Rogers County Health Department is the 6th largest county in the State of Oklahoma and the largest County Health Department located in Northeast OK. This county is 711 square miles serving a population of 89,044 (estimated 2013) with a 9.9% of the population below the poverty level. Over 38 fulltime staff members serve within the Rogers County Health Department (RCHD), with another ten regional workers assigned with the Early Intervention/SoonerStart team and Emergency Preparedness and Response Services.  Even though RCHD met several challenges in 2014; the employees overcame those with a renewed strengthening of their public health mission and service to their customers and community.  A brand new pilot program (Project Launch) began with hiring and training of new personnel for a program designed to provide early mental health care to small children. RCHD sets the standard in emergency preparedness and response; this health department boasts some of the highest percentages of training received and comfort with the emergency preparedness process.  Continuing with the third year of a successful Quality Improvement project, 3rd grade students of the Foyil Elementary School are learning to recognize and enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables.  Noting a 25% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption, this QI project is making a difference in the lives of these children.  Additionally, RoCo Fit is a community wide successful collaboration of volunteers and staff who work toward increasing fitness and health awareness in this walking and running program.  These are just a few of the many successes which describe the core and caliber of the staff and members of the Rogers County Health Department.  Outreach programs, after hour events, department renovation and basically “doing whatever it takes” is the mantra for this agency.  The standard for each staff member is excellence.  They do not just participate, they excel.  The staff at the RCHD is passionate about Public Health and it is evidenced by their outreach to their community and the major collaborative efforts with Tribal entities and the local Rogers State University. Not only do they excel in community collaboration, they have created an atmosphere of support and encouragement within the health department for each other.  Community clients are instantly at ease when they walk through the door for whatever service that they offer; these employees treat all their clients and each other with the utmost courtesy and respect.  Staff members have turned down employment opportunities in other agencies which may pay far more in order to remain in an environment which is supportive to them and their public health efforts.”

The staff at Rogers County Health Department is proud of their accomplishments and plans to continue to deliver excellent service to this community. If anyone is interested in finding out more, please visit the Rogers County Health Department website,, or call 918-341-3166.

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