Judgment-Free Parenting: How ‘Bout It?

Saw this on Scary Mommy and had to share.  -Ashley

therealthingOnce upon a time, long before I had children, I found myself at Walmart at midnight (for what? I have absolutely no idea, probably simply because I could go to Walmart at midnight.)

There, in the middle of aisle, was a barefoot 3-ish year old child sucking on a lollipop closely followed by her mother, armed with popsicles and Gatorade. I rolled my eyes and vowed never, ever to be that kind of parent.

Flash forward several years and my 3-year-old found himself with a horrible case of strep. We needed an instant strep test, Tylenol and something to soothe his throat and the only place open as he screamed his head off and Jeff stayed with Lily was… you guessed it, Walmart. My, my, how the tables had turned, I thought, as I was the recipient of many a judging glare.

The evening taught me that you never know the full story and you should never judge a parent by one quick glance.

-by Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy


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