Fun Budget DIYs Perfect for Your Claremore Yard

Want some fun ideas on how to spruce up your yard for summer? These are cheap and easy! (If they looked very difficult, I left them off the list!) For more ideas, or if you’re more handy than I am and willing to try tougher projects, click HERE. –Ashley

Use latex floor paint to color cement tiles on an outdoor patio.


Put diapers in the bottom of your potted plants to help retain moisture. Also, it keeps all the water from pouring out on top of you when you pour it in.




Plant lemongrass: it keeps mosquitoes away! hack1

Pick up a funky chandelier on the cheap, and replace the bulbs with inexpensive solar bulbs. No electricity know-how required!



Hang mirrors on the fence to make the backyard seem larger. Of course, this only works if you have a fence. hack3


Use an old (sturdy!) pallet and some rope to make a multi-person swing. Now your kids won’t fight over it. You’re welcome.hack6

Use glow-in-the-dark spray paint on your planters to create a magical nighttime glow. (I’ve always wanted to try this, but hear that it doesn’t really work. But it worked for the people in this pic, right? Anyone tried it?)


Make a giant outdoor waterbed for your kids! It’s officially called a “Leak-Proof Water Blob”, according to the directions, which can be found HERE.




A tarp and sprinkler will create a fun splash pad for a slide.



Tie rope between trees to create a fun obstacle course for the kids.


Make “toadstools” from logs and old salad bowls. Super cute!


Add some whimsy to your space by painting the stones in your garden. stones


Ward off mosquitoes (and have an excuse for drinking lots of wine) by making these citronella torches. Honestly, I pinned this a few years ago and got intimidated by the instructions. Anyone tried it with success?


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