Our Loss, Heaven’s Gain

henry hillThere’s sadness in our little Town
Sadness and tears
For we’ve lost a diamond from our Crown
When disaster struck, he knew just what to Do
Because he was the leader, the example
The Captain of his Crew
He was one of those bands of Brothers
Who selflessly worked every day
Putting his life on the line for the safety of Others
He, like so many others in Bunker Gear,
Knew the chances he was taking
Year after year after year after Year
For twenty years he answered that Bell
Chasing smoke, saving lives
Fighting roaring fires that were hotter than Hell
We all have to die some Day
Captain Jason Farley Claremore Fire Department
Chose the Hero’s Way
You will no longer amongst us Trod
You’ve been called home to work
Work beside the one true God
RIP Captain 

-The Bard Henry Hill 
A feeble attempt to express 
Our respect for Captain Farley
And his band of brothers.

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