Oklahoma Photographer Goes Viral Overnight

By Amanda


Betsy Gregory is a typical mother, doing anything she can for her children. She also has a talent for creating amazing photos (see Betsy Gregory Photography). As any photographer-mother of a young girl would do, Betsy photographed the 6U softball (t-ball) team earlier this summer. This picture has gone VIRAL…with hundreds of shares, thousands of likes, and now…nationwide exposure.

This photo has now been share all over the internet including Buzzfeed, E!Online, KFOR.com, AOL News, and other regional news sites around the country.

Even though Gregory has been a photographer for seven years, she’s never had something like this go so viral, and she admits they’re just taking it all in!

Many have shared the image on social media tagging Ellen DeGeneres, and Gregory says they’d love to meet the talk show host.

Gregory tells E! News that, with the photo’s internet fame, “my dream in my heart of hearts would be for us to go to Disney World.” Paging Ellen…


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