Claremore Past: Coca-Cola Responds

I’ve known for a long time that my need to get answers and let those in charge know if something isn’t right comes from my dear old dad. Over the holiday weekend, I filed a complaint on social media against a large home improvement store. It seems only right that while looking through an album of his old newspaper columns, I ran across this one, which was new to me. And yes, I’ll be sure to let people know if I get a response from my own corporate monster. -Ashley

Coca-Cola Responds

coca_cola_bottles-wallpaper-800x600Originally published in the Oologah Lake Leader

Yes, Virginia, there is a Coca-Cola Company. Readers of this column will recall that over the past few weeks, I have lamented long and loudly about the high-powered ways of Coca-Cola and more specifically, the Great Plains Bottling folks that have expanded recently into Green Country.

I had a list of petty gripes and a couple of major complaints and wound up in a particular diatribe asking if anyone other than me was interested in how I considered myself mistreated by this particular effervescent entity.

I am happy to report that Coke does care. Shortly after being figuratively run over by the Coke corporation and/or their local affiliates and complaining mightily about it in print, I was called by a very nice local Coke lady. An appointment time was et up and a total of three Coke folks came to my small business. They listened patiently and explained that there was one major complaint of mine that they could do nothing about. That had to do with 10-ounce returnable bottles. Once I accepted that defeat reluctantly, we were able to get down to business.

A satisfactory price was agreed upon for the balance of the Coke product line. Delivery dates were set and a quick conversion to Coke products in my small business was made. I am pleased to report that the sales lady was efficient and knowledgeable. The mechanical changes were handled by the Coke man charged with that task in a brisk and efficient manor and with a minimum of interruption to my customers. The Great Plains representative was a brisk and businesslike gentleman. It was refreshing to see him cut through red tape with a nod of his head and two sentences to his associates.

I was quick to complain about corporate high-handedness. I was quick to let my readers know about the problem. It is only fair that I be just as quick to let these same readers know that Coke does care. Thanks, folks.

-by James R. May



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