Sometimes You Just Need to Dance in the Rain

momasteryThis morning it was rainy and I was feeling crappy and down and ick for all the reasons. Then Amma asked me to go outside and play in the rain with her. And I was too tired to think of a way to say no, so I just said okay. I just walked out there with her in my pajamas. And I stood there in the driveway for a moment feeling ridiculous but then I started feeling awake. New. And then I found myself dancing with my daughter in the rain. And then my husband came outside and stood in the rain to take pictures of us. Rain, sweat, tears, the sea: these are all organic baptisms. Water is how we start over, because it’s what we’re made of. Whatever the question is today–the first answer is water.

-Glennon Melton, Momastery

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