Wild Heart Ranch Near Claremore Needs Egg Shells!


eggsWild Heart Ranch has ZERO instances of metabolic bone disease (condition most commonly caused by lack of calcium) in the birds we raise. How is that possible? We include crushed or powdered egg shell in every single meal that every bird eats here. We make our own bird formula (better than anything on the market I’ve used) and it includes powdered egg shell and we must have it to make our formula. We measure and grind everything ourselves and the results in our birds are remarkable!

Birds of prey get bone meal for the same reason, but our birds, ducklings and goslings ate more than 25 lbs of eggshells this season!

For those of you who rinse, dry and mail us your egg shells, we THANK YOU for helping us give our feathered orphans their wings! We couldn’t do it without you!

Now it’s time to get ready for next year! Anyone who would like to help us build our stash, just rinse all the goo off, dry them completely either air dry or oven, and crunch them into ziplock bags. We will do the rest.

Mail to:
Wild Heart Ranch
10370 S 4190 rd
Claremore, Ok 74017

-Wild Heart Ranch

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