Things That ’80s Kids Will Totally Smile About

Trapper Keepers were super rad. And there were so many cool designs! Decisions, decisions. trapper

Stickers were all the rage. Of course, you had to have a sticker album to keep them in. There were puffy stickers….stickerAnd for the really special occasions, scratch ‘n sniff! (I specifically remember the popcorn one on the top left smelling nothing like popcorn). scratch


The Speak & Spell. The ’80s version of the iPad. Kids today are so spoiled.



I’m not sure how school is now, but READING was all the rage in the ’80s. We had all kinds of incentives, from motivational posters in the classroom featuring the coolest characters around: 


And the reward of a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut:


And my favorite, the Scholastic book order forms! Again with all the decisions!


Lunch time was pretty awesome, with your metal lunch box and matching Thermos. I had the Muppets on mine.



A sweet treat: ice cream in a cup with a splintery spoon! These were also available at the skating rink for birthday parties.



Pencil sharpeners were SO LOUD. pencil

Ah, the ’80s. Now go get yourself a personal pan pizza. You deserve it.



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