#TBT: Claremore Parade 1979

Thank you to Shirley Nickles for allowing us to post this!

From Shirley: Will Rogers Day Parade 11-03-1979 – Friends of mine, John Cochran Rhonda Hanover Cochran gave me this tape, purchased at a garage sale with projector and tapes. Was happy to see it was the parade in 1979 when the OU and OSU bands were here. Don’t know who took it but glad they did. No sound, I added some music and titles, not perfect, but will do. Thanks to John Little for getting if off the 8mm tape to a DVD. I see the old Frisco Train Station. Dave Burrows was on the parade committee, he said they had to get Governor’s order to stop the trains until the parade was over! He had lots of stories from that day! Quite a parade! Any of you out there in the parade?? Jerry Lingenfelter was Junior High band director and is with them. I think I recognize Scott Purkey in the trumpet section! Our daughter, Valery Nickles Book is in the flute section, but video didn’t get that part! And thanks John & Rhonda!
Claremore Jaycees worked hard on this parade, co-chairmen were Dave Burrows, Bill Crutcher and Jerry Webster.


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