moreClaremore Truths of the Universe: Tale of the Co-Worker

A co-worker of mine (name withheld for privacy reasons) is amazing. Her ability to create creative and topical pieces on a daily basis is unmatched. A skilled interviewer and a delightful conversationalist, her skills nearly single-handedly allowed for my position to exist within this company. Easygoing and multi-talented, she has adapted to having my big-goofy-self sharing her single 10X10 office space for the past two months.
Okay, her initials are A.O., but that is all I will say.
I think we are a pretty good team. We have a similar outlook on life and our humor lies somewhere among the lower levels of inappropriate and crude. (There is something to be said for a good scatalogical or flatulence joke.)
She is willing to go the extra mile, especially if that mile includes a Sonic Drive-In. She reminds me of my sister and our relationship is growing in that way more and more. She hasn’t yelled at me or thrown a troll doll at my head just yet, but I am confident we will get there.
I used to think I knew everyone in Claremore, turns out I know almost no one from the class of 1997. She is quick to point out her alarming web of connections that would make any politician jealous. Organized and confident. Willing to make a fool of herself and laugh out loud at the same time.
Fine, her name rhymes with Dashley Morph.
We have only just begun our journey with and I can’t think of a better co-pilot. Our goals are to make your source for positive community journalism, make you laugh and be there in times of need. Supporting this community we both live, shop, eat and play in on a daily basis is what motivates us.
Seeing the outpouring of love from the people of Claremore in our events or comments on the website makes our job easier. We want to spread the word that Claremore is changing for the better. It takes young and old alike to advance a culture or a city. We are approaching a perfect combination of motivation and drive. There is a difference between showing up and putting in work. It seems there are more than a few people willing to put in work for Claremore.
I didn’t write this to appease anyone. I am not just blowing smoke. In fact, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such great people and live in Claremore at such a great time of growth.
So back to the point. Thank you, Ashley Orf (if that is your real name), for all you do. Thank you for being a great co-worker. I hope I’m not driving you crazy and when the day comes that I irritate you enough, I hope you don’t have a troll doll within reach.
-by Travis Peck

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