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Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales will resonate with readers young and old. Arden Huntley has always felt like her mission in life was to take care of her loved ones and make sure their lives flow smoothly. But lately, Arden has been thinking about how unfulfilled she feels inside. Her mother, her boyfriend, and her best friend seem to be taking her for granted and Arden is frustrated. When Arden finds a website, Tonight the Streets Are Ours, she finds Peter, a young man living in New York City. His website chronicles his experiences and everything he writes resonates with Arden. Then, Arden goes to New York City to find him and what she finds not only changes her perception of Peter, but of herself.

After Dark by James Leck is a story about 15-year-old Charlie Harker, who moves to the town of Rolling Hills over the summer holiday with his mother to restore his great-grandfather’s inn. Charlie expects his summer to be a lazy one, but he soon realizes he’s stuck with early mornings and lots of manual labor. But Charlie’s menial labor summer is shaken up when his weird neighbor, Miles Van Helsing, starts screaming about humanoid creatures chasing him. Then, a strange illness begins to infect the townspeople and Charlie quickly discerns that maybe his peculiar neighbor isn’t as crazy as he first thought.


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