Halloween Candy Tips: For Adults


halloweencandyYou’ve done the chore of checking all of your child’s Halloween candy, obviously removing some for “safety” reasons. At my house, I don’t feel confident that my 4-year-old would be good at eating SweeTarts (choking hazard), so I take those for myself. To keep him safe. Also, he doesn’t appreciate quality chocolate bars, such as Snickers or Twix. Now I have a stash of mom candy. But I couldn’t possibly eat it without knowing which wine to pair with it!

Vivino, a wine-lover’s dream app that provides information about wines when users scan a bottle’s label, is here to help. Titled the “The Halloween Survival Guide For Adults,” the app’s second annual wine and candy pairing chart tells you exactly which red or white you should be drinking with your candy of choice.

Reese’s, for example, pairs well with both light and bold reds, while Skittles taste best with a dry or sweet white.

You’re welcome.


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