Deer Dangers Increase in Claremore Area



Hunting season has begun, and deer are on the move. I mean, if you heard constant gunshots this time of year, you’d be running, too. A lot of the time, deer have a habit of running into traffic. And that gets worse in November.

Decreasing daylight and deer mating behavior combine to make things more hazardous for motorists. It’s the time of year when bucks “rut”, looking for a doe to mate. They’ll travel outside their immediate home area to find a lady friend, which often puts them in the way of motorists. Deer move primarily through the night and in the hours just before and after sunrise and sunset. During the peak of the rut in mid-November, that activity stretches through the middle of the day.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports roughly 1 million vehicle crashes with deer each year, with about 200 human fatalities, 10,000 people injured and $1 billion in vehicle damages.

AAA Insurance in Oklahoma last year reported a total of 234 “animal-related” claims with an average of $3,426 per claim.

So be careful out there, and keep your head on a swivel.

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